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Fuel Transport
Get the fuel safely to the base behind the enemy lines

My Head
The customers\' hair grow really fast - cut them short …

Round Rong
Rong is simple a Circular version of Pong

Penguin Push
A sokoban clone using different graphical theme

Frisbee Dog
Timed the position and the height and let the dog catch…

Bad Shadow Brothers
Mixing the ice with bubbles

Whack a Boss
Whack the boss in this version of the classic arcade

Mario Level 1
Dodge the bad guys and get to the end of the level to s…

Fleabag Vs Mutt
It is the battle between cat and dot.

Collect gold and other treasure while staying away from…

Juggle cats using your bat to gain points

Classic Snake game with 3 game modes.

Coffee Tycoon
Manage a coffee franchise by hiring more employees, man…

Xiao Xiao Mall Brawl
Another animation done by Zhu - Jos jedna animiran igri…

Xiao Xiao 8
The eighth of The Xiao Xiao series created by Zhu.

Xiao Xiao 7
The seventh of The Xiao Xiao series created by Zhu

Xiao Xiao 5
The fifth of The Xiao Xiao series created by Zhu.

Ultimate Snake
Use the arrows to move left and right. Watch out for th…

Get Santa\'s gifts back from the evil people who stole …

12 Many
The screen flashes quickly and it ask you how many star…

Gorillaz Groove Session
Jam to the Gorillaz song Feel Good Inc by following the…

Don't Let Go
Click on the button with your mouse and hold your curso…

Throw hats, twigs, lights, bulbs, and other decorations…

Zwill 2
Wander the different areas, pick up cheese, stars, and …

Xiao Xiao 9
Traverse the computer desk filled with pencils while yo…

Super Mario X
Classic mario game, jump on goombas, koopa troopas and …

Super Mario Flash v2
Run through the level as Mario, jump on koompas, avoid …

Super Mario Flash HV
Run around as Mario jump on goombas, kick shells and pi…

Squirrel Squash 2
Run around as a squirrel, pick up acorns, avoid lightni…

Squirrel Squash
Go through the level picking up chestnuts and avoiding …

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